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Textured Meadow - Adding the Stems and Flower Detail 38:18

This video covers the detail of the flowers and grasses.

00:06 Discussion of how to approach this week.  Including use of materials.  Thinking of tonal value and patterns.

02:40 Colours.

04:20 Stems. Bringing out the stems includes how to use the rigger brush and highlighting the texture that is there.  Think about the tonal contrasts so a dark green against a lighter area and lighter against the darker area. Remember to overlap areas. 

13:09 Splatter.

15:12 Flowers. Including how to approach different types of flowers.  Flower groups, colours, linking to stems etc..

30:17 Q & A including adding more texture using the paste.

34:03 Discussion on composition where there are lots of focal points as in this one.

36:54 Further Q & A.



Lemon Yellow

Ultramarine Blue

Permanent Rose

Burnt Sienna

Titanium White

Payne's Grey


Creative Commons Music Attribution

Free to Use: 'Falling Snow' by Aakash Gandhi


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